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Static Site Generator Daino: Landing page

The Example Homepage produced by daino list differences to other SSG and gives rationale for its design. It points to the source and how to use it to run your own web site. (pdf)


Daino: A Static Site Generator

A static site generator designed by an academic to allow:

The program runs on Debian LinuxCould run on Ubuntu or likely Windows(probably some adaptations needed).

locally on PC or Raspery Pi 4. Restricted accsss on some directoriesMy provider uses cpanel and allows password protection to any directory.


Software reuse:

Daino uses pandoc and other packages on Hackage (e.g. shake, twitch, scotty)It was influenced by Chris Penner's slick, newer, and seemingly simpler is Ema by Sridhar Ratnakumar, but the documentation did not detail its features neither how it is built.

. Relies on git for version management and Debian Linux.

Example site

The example site shown here contains more information how to build a site with daino.

Daino can be installed from hackage or downloaded or cloned from git clone and installed with cabal install or stack installInitial compilation and linking brings in a large number of packages, e.g. Pandoc, and may take a while; on a typically AMD computer 30..60 Minutes, on a ARM64 (e.g. RaspberryPi4) twice as long for the initial installation.


The example site can be downloaded or cloned from github with git clone In the settings3.yaml file replace /home/frank/dainoTest_1_5_2 three times with the path to the directory which contains the test site.

To run the test site, start daino in it with daino -qs and render the result in a browser by opening localhost:3000. The web pages written in markdown can be edited and the server restarted to update the site.Producing the pdf files as well with daino -s may produce some messages pointing to the latex logs; can usually be ignored.

Running your own site

Copying the the test site to a suitable directory and edit the settinsNN.yamlCurrently settings3.yaml

file found there is enough to start your own site with running daino -qs in this directory.

Delete the .git directory in the copy and restart git with git init to obtain version management for your site.

More information:

The ReadMe in the test site explain the rationale for "yet another static site generator" and show with examples how it can be used. The Blog directory contains useful test pages to check processing.

Directories with more related texts:

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